Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This past week I experienced for the first time what it is like to have your kids in a sport.  You raise your kids and you put them into little sports groups and quite frankly it is painful to watch as they are just grasping the concepts and they really don't care either way as to how the game goes.  Eamon and Liam had me on the edge of my seat with a tournament hockey game.  They played a team who lost one game the entire season and they beat us last week 9 to nothing.  On Sunday they went out there and it was like a different team.  They all played like they wanted the win.  Liam was sucking some serious wind on his bench breaks and Eamon was soaking up the kuddos he received while defending his goal.  Liam scored and to see him lift his arms up with a stick in hand and a glide across the ice showed me his passion for pursuit.  These boys love hockey.  They get so excited and it is really teaching them the team concept.  We scored 3 goals in the first period and with a minute left to go the other team tied up the game.  I thought we were going into overtime but with 2 seconds left to go...Luke Thomas scored for us and we won.  The high was wonderful.

Couple of Things Happening...

-My BFF just got a huge job promotion and was hired  as a permanent hire.  She spent 9 months on contract and they really liked her.  I am so proud of her...
-Several of my lady friends have sick babies and I want to do a shout out to say..."kids get better already so all of us moms can get the heck out of the house"
-My whole family is still soaking up the sun in Florida and I have been enjoying the fact that my mom and dad are both relaxing and really really enjoying their social life down there.  It is the only time that they both do things that they enjoy and they don't worry about anything else.  Puts a smile on my face everytime I talk with them.
-My grandmother had a heart attack before she left for Florida this year and she scared all of us but she is down in Florida now and it sounds like she is feeling great. (she reads this regularly...Love You Nanny!)
-My husband is my rock and he is the very best...I am just crazy about him
-I think this weather is going to end our fun on the pond for the season.  Happy for spring but sad that the skating parties are over for another year.

Life is good and my 2 year olds are hitting the terrible twos so hold on as I am sure there are some good stories to come.

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