Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Potty..Peeing and Play-doh with Triplets

We are playing with the idea of potty training.  This is a daunting concept with 3 boys.  My last experience with boys and potty training was not what I would call smooth.  Liam insisted on pooping where ever he could...In the garage, behind a chair..etc...before he became comfortable with the porcelain god.  I have been taking the diapers off lately and just letting the boys sit on the potty chairs and get used to it.  Finn went potty twice on the potty and we were so proud but after he went to the entryway and came back with Dad's shoes on and a hat...  Kind of cute.
Everyone gets a juice box when you sit on the potty so Mairin is contributing to the family challenge by talking to Colin and explaining how the juice goes through your body and makes you go potty.  Some of the challenge is just having the time to sit there and entertain them while they are sitting.  Mairin is always so helpful.  Colin still hasn't actually gone on the potty.  I don't have a picture with Declan but he did go on the it today.  He scared himself when his pee shot across the kitchen floor because his little unit wasn't directed downward.  Of course it scared him because I came running in hopes of directing the peeps back inside the potty. 
The 3 of them sat down yesterday so nice as they ate their little snacks.  I have nicknamed Declan..Bam Bam since he is literally just like a little Bam Bam......
The older kids got off the bus and saw that I had gotten out playdoh for the trips and before I knew it I had all 6 playing with playdoh as their after school activity.  I think it is so funny that the older ones were just as into it as the little ones were.  Probably because I never get out playdoh and they were all probably in shock.

Well I hear we have the storm of the decade coming tonight so I am ramping up for a long couple of snow days here at the Mott house.

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Jill and Mike said...

Potty training is on the brain here too. I'm ready with all my stickers, m&m's, books for the kids and alcohol for me. Now I'm just waiting for a free weekend (or free two days anytime) to proceed!
I do like the juice box bribe.....I might want to rethink the m&m's and move forward with the juice box!!

We've got bad weather here too! Stay warm and safe.