Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Kids Are Finally Feeling Better

As of Saturday the entire house has rid itself of the dreaded smells, odors and excessive trash that the Mott's were getting used to.  Everyone got this sinful virus except for Eamon and yours truly.  This week has really been wonderful because the triplets are waking up with smiles, the older kids are cheerful and the hubby is great. 

I got a huge burst of energy and I rearranged my family room and basement.  It is kind of nice to have a clean house and a rearranged house.  I also got a baking bug and I created some cupcake poppers and kabobs that I saw on face book.  They didn't turn out as nice as the ones in the recipe but I guess they were cute.  I will definitely have to make them again and soon.

David celebrated his birthday on the 11th and all of the kids were very excited for cake and ice cream.  It was so cute seeing all of them hover over him while the candles were lit.  So cute.  Happy Birthday Baby!
We ended the weekend with an end of the year Hockey Party.  We all went to the Whalers game where the boys had a pizza party followed by checking out the Whalers locker room and then being able to skate with the guys after.  (Whalers..semi pro hockey team in our area) We were gone all day and it was a nice day with the older 3.

Last night was our first hockey tryout.  David took the boys to tryout for the Little Caesar's Hockey Team for spring and he said it was crazy.  There were 100 kids there and it was mass crazy.  I cannot believe how big hockey it around here.  The boys were thrilled to see Chris Draper from the Red Wings on the ice helping out during the tryout.  I think we will be passing on this team but we have several other tryouts to do in the next couple of weeks.  Can you say ..."busy spring"........Life is good

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Amanda said...

So happy I just came across your blog! I have a couple of hockey players a set of twins and a baby..trying to juggle it all but you are really impressive!