Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Might Be Time To Tip The Garbage Man

Last night I took out 4 days worth of triplet diarrhea and vomit chunks.  I was laughing as I was walking each can out to the curb (hubby not feeling well either so that is why I was taking out the cans...lets be real though..I often take the cans out anyway) because I thought oh dear if only the garbage men knew what was inside these bags....

Nap time ended around 3:45 yesterday and yuck..........I walked into Finn's room and was almost knocked over by the smell of new vomit.  I picked him up and he must have just lost it.  It was just chunky milk leftovers (I took away milk for the day so hummmm ...where did he find a sip cup full of milk).  I brought him downstairs and got him situated in front of Barney.  I walked in on Declan to another horrible odor.  Declan had liquid diarrhea that had soaked thru his diaper, onesie and jeans.  I brought him down and cleaned him off.  What could possibly be in store for me on #3.  Colin had the rosy cheeks, warm and just a whiny.  He was just miserable.  No puke in his bed.  Each kid is at different stages and we are working thru it.  Declan is almost done and Finn is mid while Colin is just starting.  Declan only lasted about 36 hours so lets pray the rest are done by end of today. 

David went to bed a bit earlier than normal last night and I had an abnormal amount of energy so I made some lunches, cleaned out the fridge, folded 3 loads of laundry and just cleaned up.  I figured it was good to get all of that done in case the triplets are clingy today.  It may be a day of just sitting with Barney.  The older kids are off to school and I have about another couple minutes before they will wake up and take every ounce of love out of me for today.  Time to enjoy a cup of Joe

BTW-my disclaimer-I know that I post gross details and some of you may think I am crazy but this is my journal that I will need to look back on when they are mouthy, taller than me, no detail sharing young men.  I know I know ...someday I will wish for the babies again but hopefully posts like this will remind me how much I enjoy kids that can fend for least a little bit. Thanks for reading


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