Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Much ......

Lets all just give my niece, Mary Katherine a huge shout out!!!! Mary is off on break and was here today and witnessed some very grumpy boys.  She is just the best and I have to say that not everyone can handle puke and diarrhea like Mary can.  You go girl!!

Of course my trips are sick because we were out and about all last week.  I guess maybe it is a payback for taking them out.  I can't seem to win in this whole situation of keeping my sanity and keeping the kids healthy.  Oh well I guess it is time to pray to the weather gods and hope for spring to appear next week.

We just finished up swimming for Mairin.  Eamon and Liam had baseball tryouts last weekend and we are doing some hockey tryouts for next year.  Mairin now wants to play tennis so lets see how we are going to squeeze that into our schedule.  It would really be a lot easier if the trips were 1 year older so they could go with us more often but at this age...no no no. 

I bought yet another crib tent to install on Colin's crib.  The kid has completely ripped it apart.  They continue to destroy everything in this house so I am officially over it and waiting until they are 5 for any "main living area" renovations.

I talked to my wonderful grandma the other day and we both decided that on her 90th birthday we are both going to celebrate because she will be celebrating a big year and I will be celebrating 6 kids in school.  Woo Hoo....

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