Thursday, March 17, 2011

Outdoor Frenzy

Yesterday the skies parted....the temperature went up and the Mott family went out to play.  There were patches of snow and the triplets enjoyed filling their buckets with snow and also ate some too.  It didn't take long before they found the mud and I caught Declan on his needs pulling the grass away from the mud.  Needless to say we did a load of laundry and baths when they came inside.  Today was even worse as now there are mud puddles all over.  Tonight we had a picnic on the front porch for dinner and with rubber boots and barn coats on....... they headed into the puddles.  They hate coming inside so by the time I corralled all of them inside (with the lovely help of Eamon and Liam) I had to pour the water out of their rubber boots.  They had mud all over (another load of laundry) but they had fun. 

Don't you just hate the way everything looks when the snow thaws?  Yuck.  I am very excited to get our spring happening.  The evenings have been much easier with a bit of outdoor play to throw in the mix. 

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