Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Ring Leader

Dear Declan,  I love you dearly but you have got to be the biggest "stinker" out of all of your siblings.  You continue to push your mother to the end of her rope.  You test me from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.  You are so lucky that you are stinking cute and you have a way about you that it is tough to stay upset with you.  Your smile brightens my day but your devious actions leave me to wonder how I am going to make it through your terrific twos.  Please please stop teaching your brothers everything that you do and please refrain from destroying everything you touch.

Thank you
Love Mom

My wonderful sitter, Marcia finally came back to us this week and boy did I need it.  She has been gone for exactly 1 month and I missed her terribly.  On Tuesday she showed up and I scooted out the door rather fast.  I returned 4 hours later and she informed me of what our little Declan had done.  Marcia took the triplets downstairs to play and since they are fine with stairs she let Declan finish whatever he was doing and called for him to join them downstairs.  She said that before she knew it he had shut the basement door and successfully locked it.  She tried talking to him thru the door in hopes of him unlocking the door but of course she had no luck.  She was in her socks, in the basement with 2 little ones and the wild one upstairs.  She decided to go out the sliding glass door and walk around the house in her socks to the front door.  Needless to say she solved the problem but the thought of being locked into the basement must have been one of the moments of ...oh my gosh.....Thank goodness Marcia was not panicked but looks like we are going to have to manage this issue.  Another blessing is that we left the front door unlocked.  I don't think Mr. Declan is going to be able to do this again on Marcia's walk.  I couldn't help but laugh when she told me as I guess we chalk it up to yet another good story to remember.

The latest obsession is hockey at our house.  The triplets all know what hockey is.  They see it on TV and they say "hockey", they see a stick and say "hockey".  We got the older boys a knee hockey set with mini nets and mini sticks so they can play inside and on their knees.  Little did I know at the time that this set was perfect for the triplets to play.  It has become an evening activity for all 6. 

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