Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Evening...What a Great Evening

This could be one of the best Sunday afternoons yet???? I got the triplets up and put their shoes on and off we went to the last hockey game of the season.  Eamon and Liam had their All Star game and ended up playing on opposing teams. Who do you root for anyway?  Eamon's team won and Liam seemed to be ok with the loss.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law attended along with my niece and my sister.  We had a great time and the triplets loved it.  We dared the scary and decided and to go out to dinner after.  We had a total of 6 adults so I figured we would be safe.  Heidi recommended the places and went ahead and got the table for all 12 of us.  We all arrive and it was perfect.  It was one of those places that you had a huge menu but very family friendly.  I can always judge if a restaurant was made for a Mott or not...No carpet.  If you walk in and there is carpet, it is way to formal for us. 

Tom and Pam sat down next to me and as soon as we sit down Tom has found someone to talk to and say, "hey these are all her kids, she has triplets, twins and a single" I say, "Tom, please settle down we just sat down".  He of course loved saying that none of the kids belonged to him..except for Maddie.  Oh I forgot to say that the very first thing Tom said was to tell the waitress that it was to be 2 checks and that his check was only to include Pam and Maddie.  For anyone who knows Tom ...that is perfectly normal and expected from him.  Midway thru dinner Tom caught the eye of an older lady next to us turning and looking at us so of course he started up again with his.....these are all her kids etc......  He was cracking me up.  Pam had Declan next to her and she was introducing him to whatever he wanted: crackers with butter, crackers with jelly, pop, ketchup and anything else the little king pointed to.  We had a great dinner and there were no meltdowns.  The triplets sat for over an hour so we actually some time to chat.  We packed up and headed to the car and upon getting everyone situated in their seats we noticed we were missing a off we went back into the restaurant to find it.  It was under the table so we could finally leave with all of our belongings.  We got home by 8pm..put  the trips to bed and sent the older 3 off to bed as well.  It was an evening with no whining, no fighting and mama was happy as can be.

PS..Some of you may be laughing and wondering why I go on and on about going out to dinner.  Ask yourself how often you would go out to dinner if you had 6 kids and little ones at that.  It is sometimes just the simple things that are difficult for us and also can be a complete disaster for us if we are not armed and ready with lots of adults.


Beth said...

A mother of multiples definitely understand what a treat it is to eat out and have it go well! We were at my son's basketball game a while ago with all the kids, my parents and my sister. I grabbed my husband's hand and said, "We finally have numbers! We should go out!" We went out to dinner and with man-to-man coverage, it was wonderful! Glad you enjoyed a great time out with your family!

Janet said...

Congrats on a successful dinner! I have a hard time with just my two, so you are my hero doing with all of yours!

sheryl0620 said...

We just had triplets in July. Well, "just" 8mo ago! Ha! Haven't been to dinner since. Well, not all together. Eventually! Congrats on the success!