Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Activities

My kids look a bit odd don't they?  We had crazy hair day and they all wanted to look crazy.  I refrained from the coloring option and opted to pull out the hair spray, gel and lots of rubber bands to give each of them a snazzy look for their special day.  David is a product of private catholic schools with uniforms so I rushed them out of the house prior to him coming downstairs so I didn't have to hear, "what is this? ...we never did this when I was growing up".  They came home after school and scary enough the hair was still intact.  We ended up with lots of shampoo at shower time that night.  There will come a day when they will think this is dumb and will not want to participate so I just had to jump in and have fun with it.

I often talk about my angel "Marcia" but I don't ever take pictures of her.  Marcia has been with the Mott's since the 2005 and I love every Tuesday and Thursday when she comes.   Marcia is a retired kindergarten teacher and she is the very best thing.  The kids love her and she loves each of them.  I can always count on Marcia teaching them new things, loving on them and keeping a regular routine with them while I am gone.   April showers bring us all May flowers so we have had to pull out some new activities to keep the little devils entertained.  They were all taking turns making dinner for each other as I escaped to Sam's for a grocery trip.

The little stinkers won't sit in a row for me to take a picture so I have to clear the kitchen counters in order to get them all to sit and stay.  We are showing off our neat shirts that we had made.  It is amazing how creative you have to get when you have boys since you can't accessorize like you would with girls. 

April of 2011 will go down in the books as a pretty good month of coming out of hibernation, enjoying some outdoor play (in between rain) and ramping up for spring swimming for Mairin, Spring Hockey and Baseball for the boys.  The triplets are also enjoying some new play dates with other multiples that are close.  I am very ready for May Flowers.

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