Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Do's and Do Not's of Making My World

Ok so don't hold me to this post but life is going pretty smooth.  Yes it is crazy but the whining has really diminished.  I have realized that I need 2 things to be a happy mom  (well more than that but I am trying to be low maintenance).  I need sleep and I need a house where there is no or minimal whining and crying.  Well ok there are a couple of other things that would help to make my life perfect but I can't have everything right? 

Just tell me what you want
Wait your turn
Remember that I only have 2 hands
Put your dirty dishes away
Don't slam the door every time you go in and out
Watch the triplets when I need to answer a phone call
Don't stretch out the necks of your shirts
Stop taking off your socks and leaving them wherever you last sat (that is alot of socks)
Eat popcorn and make it to your mouth rather than the in the cushions of the couch
Don't throw your food (just tell me you are finished)
Please don't ask for a snack 15 minutes after we ate dinner and I am still cleaning up
Refrain from always calling me...your father is available too
Don't argue with your brother at 7:30am on a weekend in your room...wait until you get downstairs so you don't wake ME up.

But also please continue to ...

Say please and thank you,
Take the time to talk to me
Put your backpacks away
Be nice to your sister
Say I love you
Be well behaved and nice
Develop your little personalities
Challenge me with questions and offer up your help
Enjoy spending time with me

I'm sure that I forgotten things but this gives you a good idea for what makes my world go round......


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Michelle said...

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