Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

My parents finally decided to come back to Michigan after a long,warm winter in sunny Florida.  They were able to spend Easter weekend with us.  I always have house projects for my dad to do and my mom spends her time accomodating the kids every wish while cooking or baking in my kitchen.  They are always productive weekends when they are around. 

I laugh when I catch myself saying "productive weekends".  It takes me back to my childhood.  My father is not a sit down type of man.  He is always working..always.  I remember as a kid being asked regularly, "what have you done productive today"?  This was his way of justifying to my sister and me that we needed to head out to do something.  It could be anything  from hauling a load of wood (to heat the house) to clearing a road in the woods. 

Saturday we put up a fence to keep the triplets contained and did some other odd jobs around the house.  David had my dad help him sharpen his chainsaw and they worked as a team to fix the toilet.  It is such a blessing to have a grandpa and a handyman. 

We had to take a break from odd jobs to go to our church for an Easter egg hunt.  Love that they divide the hunt up by age.  It took the little ones forever to gather their eggs and the older kids were not allowed to take them.  It was so fun to watch.

Sunday we all went to mass at 11am... It was chaos.  I spent half of the mass walking with Colin as he was getting a bit chatty.  Heidi soon followed with Finn.  Declan made it all the way thru and I think we entertained/irritated everyone within a 3 pew radius.  We headed directly to Aunt Myrnas for an egg hunt, dinner and lots of outdoor play.  Myrna also opened up her pool so all 6 kids enjoyed a frigid swim.  The trips skipped their nap so by the time we got home at 8pm....everyone went to bed...Happy Easter.

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Christina said...

Lol, Happy Easter! =)