Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break Is Over....

Ahhhhh...they are all back to school.  This past week was fun, busy, tiring and over!  We ended the break with a last minute trip to the Pistons Game.  The boys had not been there for a game before so they really thought it was very exciting.  Mairin had been but never in the suite so she was all over the pop, pizza and a bathroom that was right there.  Saturday was an outside day with a baseball practice and Sunday followed with church, birthday party, baseball practice and hockey practice.  The month of May is going to be a tough one.  We have something everyday of the week. 

The weather improvement has really made a big change in our house.  The triplet seem to be happier (because we go outside all of the time) and the older 3 love playing roller hockey on the driveway and improving their flips on the trampoline.  The triplets are loving the bikes on the driveway, swinging, sliding and playing in the mud puddles. (BTW..the purchase of the rubber boots has been probably my best investment ever)

I started reminising about my childhood and how it differs so much from my kids.  I grew up in a small town and my kids are in more of a city like setting.  I am constantly thinking about chores that they need to do and how easy they have it.  We did so much growing up like: hauling wood for our heat, doing all of our own yard work, living on a christmas tree farm and all that goes along with that.  We worked at the restaurant that my parents owned.  It was just expected that you helped out but also with that came: growing up on a lake with a boat, 4 wheelers to take in the woods and things that you just can't do in the city setting.  Kids today seem to have so much and it is really hard to keep the balance of teaching your kids the value of a dollar, the importance of being a good person and not giving them too much.  I want to give them everything they want since they are so good the majority of the time.  I am sure this is a struggle I will have forever but somedays are tougher than others.  I hope that we are doing the right thing by saying no and limiting things but I do know that they seem to be happy and well adjusted kids. 

I am so thankful for my husband who comes home at night and rarely ever says no when the kids ask him to play catch outside, play a board game, talk about history, watch a baseball game on TV, fix a remote control car, read a book before bed or anything else that they ask him for.  He is so good at giving of his time and the kids really love it. 


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