Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

When I was a kid there was a cartoon called the Family Circus and every day on fathers day the author of the cartoon would allow his son to author the cartoon. So it is this year when Heather has allowed me, her husband to write in her blog. First off my mother, wife and immediate family members call me David. Others call me Dave. I know the loyal follower has read about me and I can only say that my wife has been most charitable and too kind in her assessment of me, often resulting in much haranguing from my siblings. But today the bully pulpit is mine and I will in turn reciprocate.  After all 2 &1/2 years have passed since Heather started this blog and no-one has ever spoken of her except of course herself. So today for my children and for you the loyal reader let me tell you about my wife and the mother of our six children Heather Hockstra Mott.

She is utterly without guile of pretense. What you see is what you get.  She has a genuine spirit and cares about others and takes time to make sure she keeps in contact with her friends. She does not preach but will give her counsel when asked. She puts her family and children first in everything she does. She is not overly spiritual but is a strong woman of faith. She is well liked and people feel it is ok to drop their guard when
she is around. She does not keep score nor will she ever betray a confidence. She is a stay at home mom and the strongest woman I have ever known. I love her and thank God every day that she came into my life and even more that she is the mother of our wonderful 6 children.

Today is mothers day and it is fitting that we celebrate those who gave us life. And today I am sure my late mother too would celebrate the life of Heather Hockstra Mott.

Happy Mother's Day.

I Love You!

David Mott

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Marcia said...

Well done, David...she is everything you mentioned and more!! A true super mom...