Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Appreciate Your Patience More Than You Know

Last night was a cold (45 degrees) and periodic sprinkles.  The boys had a baseball game and had to be there at 6:30pm.  David took off with them and I was bound and determined to follow for something to do.  I got the trips all dressed and ready for the cold and loaded them in.  When we arrived at the game I was able to snatch up a great parking spot behind home plate.  I decided to get out and check out the game before I unloaded all of the troops.  Mairin and her girlfriends were cold so they asked to get into the car...ok sure sounds good to me... "Hey Mairin will you turn a Barney movie on for the trips and give them a snack".  Basically the girls played house in the car (Expedition).  I kept watching the game and trying to keep myself warm as the drizzle of rain would come and go.  Eamon took a turn pitching and Liam was handling 1st base.  It was such a fun game to watch.  I kept looking back at the car and all seemed to be well.  Mairin yells out, "mom, can we have some candy that you have in your purse"? I respond with, "sure as long as you share it with the trips".  (I had no idea what candy she was talking about ....maybe some skittles hummm....but hey as long as she was entertaining them...I was fine.  It was like when you are on the phone and you give your kids anything they want just to keep them happy so you can finish a call) I was enjoying myself so much and the time kept creeping by.  I finally walked over to the car and it had been close to an hour. ( they have got to be crying by now is what I was really thinking) I opened up their door and they all smiled and said, "hi momma".  They all had dark brown rings around their mouths and I saw the remains of 6 mini snickers bars.  I totally forgot that they were in my purse and that is what Mairin had shared with them.  Of course they were happy...Barney and chocolate....By this time they were very into Barney so I gave them their milks and back to the game I went.  My guilt finally got the best of me and I told everyone I was going home.  It was one of those times when you just want your 2 year old to know just how much you appreciate that they were soooooo goood.  We drove home and I let them play outside for a few since they treated me so well and let momma watch the baseball game.  Colin, Declan and Finn you are the best and Mairin...You are the best little helper in the world. 

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Amanda said...

Glad they all behaved for you and you got to cheer on your big guys. I feel like I am in the same boat, constantly draggong the little ones along to the big boys sporting games! I'll have to remember choclate and Barney next time!