Friday, May 6, 2011

A Visit To School With Balloons

Tomorrow my twins, Eamon and Liam turn a big 9 years old.  I have presents wrapped and an ice cream cake in the freezer.  Tomorrow they have a morning baseball game and an afternoon hockey game.  Maybe we will all go out to dinner to celebrate.

When you are in the 3rd grade you can still bring in school treats for your birthday.  I asked the boys and they wanted giant chocolate chip cookies so I made a triple batch last night for them to take in today.  This is when you really notice the multiple thing because I had to make 60 cookies instead of 30 since they are in different classes.  I ran out and got them each a balloon this morning and dropped off the cookies and a balloon to them in their classrooms.  I did Eamon first and all he could do was laugh and sit in his chair.  I felt like he was a bit embarrassed but he was all smiles.  He didn't say much other than, thanks mom.  His teacher welcomed the interruption and I was in and out in a couple of minutes.  I then went to Liam's room where I was immediately greeted with a huge hug from Liam in front of all of his classmates.(very surprised).  Liam's buddies grabbed the balloon and tied it to his chair for him and everyone was giving him high fives. (apparently he didn't mention that tomorrow was his birthday)  I find the different reactions very interesting.  It is clear that it won't be long before Eamon will be embarrassed of me and maybe I have some more time before Liam is the same way.  It was a nice morning and I hope that the boys have a special day.  They deserve it.

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Heidi Hockstra said...

Very well said, David! She is a gem!