Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yep! That's My Mom....Have You Met Her?

There are many things that I can think back to when I was a kid and wonder, "why did mom do that"? There were many years that I would wonder but it was not until I had kids of my own did I finally understand some of the things I remember her doing. 

I finally know why we took naps until we were in school full time and then still on weekends if we had nothing going on.

I completely understand her hesitation in letting us make cookies or bake on our own because the thought was always exciting but by the time we were bored with the idea the kitchen was a mess and guess who always had to come and clean it all up.

I now know how easy it is to cry for your kids.  I remember a specific situation when the ear doctor gave me the news that my hearing in my right ear would probably never come all the way back and it was due to many years of ear infections.  We were at the restaurant (my parents owned a fast food joint in our hometown and we worked there growing up...we spent a ton of time there too) and my mom went downstairs to cry because of what the doctor said.  I didn't understand because it wasn't her fault and I wasn't too upset about it.  I was surprised to see my mom cry since I had only seen her cry once before and it was when her father died.  I now understand why.

My mom was all for higher education, sports, camps, and anything to keep me active and give me a potential edge in life.  She encouraged me to take a Japanese language class via internet from another school and she sent me to Alabama for Space Camp when I was in the 6th grade.  Summers were full of basketball camps and volleyball camps.  I would say that I am following in her footsteps with encouraging the education and the sports that my kids play.

I understand why parents get babysitters.  My mom and dad worked so hard while we were growing up.  My mom had a full time job in education and my father had the restaurant.  My father also started a tree farm during our years at home and my mom spent her lunch hours helping out at the restaurant and closing up the restaurant at night when dad was still out in the fields.  They would send us to my grandmothers house for a weekend or let her take us up north for a week.  Wow what a gift I understand now.

I am very aware now of the little things that my mom did to make my life easier.  I remember having a hard time with book reports.  I was never good at reading and retaining so there were many nights that she would come home from closing the restaurant and help me by reading out loud..chapter by chapter so I could pass a test.  I remember mom sewing things at night for something I needed the next day, doing laundry late so I could have a clean uniform for whatever sport was in season.  The best was when I played basketball and I had a game after school. Midday I noticed I had forgotten to wear a bra to school and guess who left work and dropped off a manila envelope filled with a necessity to the office for me. 

My mom really is an amazing women and a wonderful role model for me.  She can be quiet but has a lot to say if you want to listen.  She is so strong in her faith and is truly a silent giver.  She does many things that few people know about.  She never brags about her good deeds and it is only by chance do you find out what she is doing or has done for someone.  She has always been good to my sister and I and she has always had a good marriage to my father.  There are so many other things that make my mom the very best but I will have to expand on another day.  I hope you have the honor of meeting my mom someday if you haven't already. 

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