Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Must Be Doing Something Right.

It doesn't even feel like a week ago I was on vacation without kids.  A big family really doesn't allow you to ease back into motherhood.  The kids all came home on Sunday and everyone seemed happy to see us (mom and dad) Finn peered out of the car with a big smile and he just wanted to touch my face and kept saying "momma momma".  Colin came out with a smile and a big hug.  Colin proceeded to dad soon after.  Declan on the other hand didn't want anything to do with me.  He kept saying. "go bye bye see grandma".  Heidi was holding him and he didn't even want me to touch him.  I gave him some space and within the hour he was back to liking me.  Eamon and Liam were glad to be home and after their hugs and kisses they wanted to check out the house to see if anything had changed.  Mairin grabbed my face and said, "momma I really missed you".  It was a very nice greeting to say the least.

It amazes me at how quick things move right back into the mode.  I needed to fix lunch for everyone for the first time in 7 days. (the one thing that I really enjoyed not having to do). Everyone was pretty content with the new surroundings.  We have not stopped moving since Sunday.  We have enjoyed a beach and boating evening with the Lichtman's, dinner and playing down at our beach, swimming and tennis practice and the chaos of keeping up with the laundry.  Throw a swim meet in the mix and another dinner with my brother and sister in law and you have a fun filled week. 

Am I happy that school is out?  Hummmm I can go both ways on this one.  I enjoy the extra time I have with the older ones and I enjoy having helpers around to pick weeds, clean up and help out with laundry and watch the trips here and there.  I love that there is no homework, no lunches to pack, bedtimes to adhere to and having some additional downtime.  On the other hand I do not like having to worry about lunch, making sure we have some activities to do, keeping up with the summer swim schedule and the never ending unpacking of bags. Every time we go somewhere I pack towels, sunblock, snacks, drinks and when I return the bags are full of empty wrappers, dirty towels and everything else that gets thrown into the bag.  I like a routine and I do very well in one...summer tends to throw things into a spiral and bedtime is a beautiful thing.  The triplets have the same schedule but they have their siblings to play with a little more. 

Our first swim meet was last night and the older kid did well.  I am so so proud of my Mairin who jumped up on the starting block, assumed her position and away she went.  She did so good and maybe a contender for the 8 & under freestyle.  Eamon and Liam did well but it is clear they are just marking time anticipating hockey season. 

All in all is good and the kids are happy.  I am like the little engine that could.  I think I can..I think I can.....make it until September.

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Angela said...

Have a happy summer! It has been an adjustment here as well. I get more chores done...Yay! The big kids aren't happy about that one. I love the age our trips are at (2.5+) as it makes it even easier to go out and about with them! But the attitudes and whining are flying high right now! What happened to my angels? Have you noticed a major change with your guys? Even going to bed, who sleeps all night or not has changed! Aghhh! Have a great summer!

And I just remembered that this was about the time 3 years ago that I found your blog and was so excited to follow along with another expecting triplet Mom! We've come a long way, baby!:)