Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lessons of Life

David goes out of town for 4 days and I get to handle all of the running around and all of the events.  It would not be out of the question to forget things right?

The sitter comes and the boys and I head out to the last hockey game of the spring season.  I ask Eamon and Liam if everything was in their bags and they assure me..yep it was.  We arrive in Troy in the middle of a complete downpour so being that I didn't have an umbrella I am now looking like a wet rat.  The boys start getting dressed and it is 15 minutes until game time.  Eamon is shuffling thru his bag and tears start to flow.  He looks at me with a bit of fear in his eyes and says, "mom, I don't have my hockey pants".  My mind is going a mile a minute and I say, "well Eamon I don't know what to tell you but I can't get home in time to get them before the game starts".  More tears are coming as he is completely devastated but he knows that he was to pack his bag.  The coach comes over and says, "Is Eamon not playing today?"  I respond with, "well Eamon forgot his hockey pants so I just don't know what to do".  The coach kind of whispers to me that there is a hockey shop inside the arena.  I hesitated because this can be a great learning experience but at the same time it is his last game and he does have a way to make me feel so sad for him.  I made him wait a few minutes and then I said, "Eamon come with me".  We get into the pro shop and we find a pair of hockey pants for 50.00.  Yep these are not cheap.  I pay for them and tell him that he owes me 50.00 out of his piggy bank. He is full of thank you mom, thank you soo much mom and yes I will pay.  We get back in the locker room and now I have a happy Eamon, but Liam is now tearing up.  Liam tells me that he can't find one of his elbow pads. (really...I am going to lose my mind.  This day was progressively getting worse.  The previous events of the day were not great.  The flood warnings in our area were correct and we had water in our basement, Declan threw up earlier in the day and David was out of town) I tell Liam to come with me and off we go back to the pro shop.  We walk in and the guy at the cash register looks at me and all I have to say is, "twins and I need elbow pads now".  They hurry up and get the pads and I tell Liam that he owes me 37.00 for his elbow pads.  I tell the cashier no big deal because I have triplet boys coming up so I will eventually need 3 pairs of everything.  He looks up and this is where I completely blew his mind. He says "you have 5 boys that play hockey"? "I will eventually, monkey see and monkey do".  He called over several of the other guys and tell them that I have twins and trips and all boys...ha ha everyone gets a chuckle and off we go. 

They are both now geared up and ready to skate.  They are still thanking me and I look at them both and say, "I love you both and I know this is your last game and of course I want to make you go out there and make me proud".  They went out on the ice to warm up and I went out and sat by myself as I needed a couple of  minutes to gather my thoughts so I could return to (nice Heather).  Heidi was at the game and she knows me too well and she came over but sat down 6 ft away from me.  I said to her, "you don't have to sit so far away..I just need a minute"  She slid over and we sat quietly for a couple of minutes and then I told her the story.  Funny now but not at the time.

Needless to say they lost the game but they enjoyed themselves.  They played a great game and the coach gave them both a high five and a job well done on defense.  We came home and they ran upstairs and grabbed their money and handed it over.  Hopefully a lesson learned.


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