Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time For Home Improvement

Not only are we adjusting to the "summer" weather where the days are longer, the kids are dirtier and the mom's are much more tired but we are also in the midst of some home improvement.  There is never a good time to tear apart your house, tolerate a crew of workers, keep the kids out of the way and have enough time to pick out everything you want.  We just completed new siding and a new roof.  The painters are finishing up today and I have to say that I am getting very excited to get my house back.  We still have to pick out gutters, shutters and garage doors but at least the marathon part of this project is coming to a close. 

Baseball ended on Thursday with a loss and summer swimming started 10 days ago.  The kids get off the bus at 4:06 and we are out the door at 5pm for an hour of swim practice.  After everyone changes and gets to the car it is 7 by the time we are home.  By 8 I am much more tired than the kids are and when momma is have to go to bed.  I am looking forward to the end of school when swimming will be in the morning. 

I feel like I have had enough end of the year parties to last me until next year.  Mairin had her kindergarten celebration, the triplets had their end of the year beach party and the twins are having an entire day of fun at school today with baseball and root beer floats.  My kids are going to wonder what hit them when they are done with school.  So many hours in the day and what will we do? 

The schedules are going to have to change to adjust to the summer and in some ways I am looking forward to it but in other ways I am dreading the amount of work that is going to go into making it a fun summer. 

Hubby and I decided we need some time together during all of this craziness so we joined a couples golf league.  I am secretly kind of excited about it.  A night out, some drinks, dinner after and maybe even some quick kisses for my husband in between shots on the course. 

        12 little ones at the triplets end of the year party.  Lots of fun even though we were rained out early.
                 She is officially a 1st grader and is constantly asking if that means her bedtime is later.
                                                        My little lady.  Just crazy about her.

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