Friday, June 24, 2011

The Trip

Well here I am flying back to Detroit after a fun,peaceful and eventful trip to Sedona. I think everyone knows this was an adult only trip but for those who do kids came with us. Every year my sister asks me what I want for Christmas and I tell her the same thing every time...all I want is a week off from kids. She shrugs her shoulders and says, "really that is all you want? I just don't feel like it is enough" Oh Heidi it is the gift of the century.

Heidi kept the triplets at a our house for part of the week and I sent the younger ones to Stanton for a fun filled week of camp and good times with grandma and grandpa. We called home several times and things all seemed to be going smooth. Now on to the happenings of our trip and the kids trip. Bear with me as my story jumps locations.

Arizona..David and I went out on a limb a bit for this vacation. We usually end up in Mexico where you can almost guarantee good weather, ocean, great resorts and lots of vendors selling things you just can't live without. I let David choose this year and he ended up wanting to try something different. I always have a ball with him and this trip was no different. We spent evenings with a drink talking about our kids and predicting how they will turn out, skipped over to how the country of China is doing with their population and workforce and then onto other topics. We spent a day experiencing the Grand Canyon and took a road less traveled in our rental car..that we had no business driving on. (the road was marked as trucks and SUV only...we had a mid size car and although we made the 12 mile voyage down a mountain there were times I thought....we have no business doing this..we have 6 kids at home). We enjoyed some fabulous dinners at night and experienced several state parks full of creeks and trails.

Back in Stanton. Camp seems to be a hit. My mom says kids are tired and they end each evening with a swim with grandpa. Playing wii is a popular request but limited by grandma. The other night was particularly interesting. Mairin scraped her leg at camp, was over tired and emotions were running. My mom said she was a bit weepy talking about how she was scared about the thunderstorms that were coming, missed her brother Finn's smile and curly hair and was very sad for her friend Gabe, who didn't have a mom anymore. ( he was a classmate in school and his mother died from cancer..Mairin always talks about him up at Mother's Day and any event that required a mom) Mairin also saw the wildfires in Arizona and needed grandma to reassure her that mom and dad were ok. Grandma made popcorn and they all sat and talked. By morning Mairin was talking a mile a minute and ready for camp.

Happenings in Bloomfield...Heidi had the week all planned out with playmates and activities. She was enjoying her castle to herself and being primary caregiver to the trips. The trips did fine and Heidi told me that every morning they would get up and say "momma and dada go bye-bye". And then on their way to mischief. It was Tuesday morning that they were saying the same thing and Declan appeared to be tearing up. Heidi said that Colin came up to him, rubbed his back and said, "it's ok deckie, don't cry". They went to the beach and did lots of fun things.

Back to Arizona...the last day we felt like we needed to take a hike. I mean everyone was hiking..biking or trying to find some sort of spiritual healing. I felt like a 3 mile hike would be enough for my curiosity and a moderate hike rather than an easy one. David found the one and off we went. We had 100oz of water in his camel back and a 24 oz bottle. We began our hike at 10:15am and temps in the 90's. David felt some of the warnings of prime sun hiking was overrated. I believed him! When you start a hike you can seen a map where the trail will take you but you can't always see the elevation. Thank goodness I couldn't see the elevation because at the 2 hour marker we are sucking wind ( 7500 ft) and looking down the mountain at how far away the end is. Holy crap...we came from way down there. Oh well time to keep going. David kept stopping to drop points on his google map....let's go already...was my constant response. We came out of the trail and water was getting low but we had to jump on one more trail to get back to our car. We start the trail and it seems to be yet another uphill climb. My boy scout the map..looks at our water and says, " time to bail". He suggested that instead of staying in the outback and becoming a statistic we head out to the main road (over a mile away) and get a cab back to our car which is miles away. We passed some people who offered us each a water and we kept walking. We ended up in downtown Sedona and we had some ice-cream and a crap load of water. The cab guy dropped us at our car and said he sees idiots like us all of the time. Looking back it was fun and a bit dangerous..not really but kind of different.

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