Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just Another One

There has been a wave of activities at the Mott house this past couple of weeks so I guess I will just start with what is happening. 

Swim is in full force and Mairin loves it.  She has been winning some metals and improving her times with each meet.  My niece Maddie was at our last swim meet and was cheering Mairin on.  Mairin just finished the butterfly and was so excited with her time. 
The triplets are still taking very well to the water.  The puddle jumpers have allowed me to take all 6 kids to the beach for hours of fun.  We have stopped off at Aunt Myrna's pool too for even more water time.  Last night we took the triplets and the older kids down to the beach and they were troopers until we finally came home around 10pm.  They slept so good.  The older kids played ghost in the graveyard and every other outdoor game while the trips swam and played in the sand.  Today I took all 6 over to the pool and it was lots of fun.
I am so glad we have several pairs of suits for every kid and so glad that I get to do laundry neither everyday with all of this beach and pool time.  Date night for tonight.....

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