Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just a Sunday

Church at 9am...the beach until tryouts at 4....dinner in the oven ready for a couple of hungry kids upon their return.  This is just the wrap up of another busy summer weekend. I was able to slip out yesterday for a fabulous late afternoon movie with my sister, Heidi.  6 weeks left of summer vacation and I think I can make it. 

I was notified this morning that Mairin is going to swimming "A" finals.  She is swimming the butterfly in the 8 and under girls.  I had to do a happy dance when I received the email.  One more week of practice for her and then the finals on Friday.  I am so so proud of my little peach.  She seems to have no nerves and just goes out and swims her stroke. 

My husband decided to clean out the garage today (one of the hottest days) so when I pulled in from the beach the driveway was completely covered with everything that was in the garage.  I cringe when I see such a thing because I just know before the clean out is complete I will get into trouble for too much stuff.  David always associates my stuff and the kids stuff as all mine.  I have to remind him that we have 6 kids and yes the garage is going to be full for at least the next 10 years.  It went much better than expected so hopefully this evening will be a somewhat relaxing....

Hockey tryouts are today and as David was walking out today he commented that he couldn't believe he was heading out to tryouts for a season that will not end until late March.  It is a crazy sport but Eamon and Liam seem to love it. 

At the beach this morning Finn was having a meltdown and would not stop crying so I had Heidi watch the other ones while I escorted him to the car in his suit.  I turned on the car and turned off the movie and let him sit there for 10 minutes to chill out and regroup.  I waited at the back of the car and by the time I opened the door he was silent and ready to go play.  What is up with the attitude adjustment needed at the beach???  I only had 1 swim diaper to change today.  Declan dropped a big load in his swim diapers.  This is by far the worst thing to change.  A soggy wet, soiled diaper...ewwwww...No more diapers for next summer that is for sure. 

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