Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I don't think I ever understood the power of tradition until I had my own kids. I never thought I had a lot of traditions but in taking a moment to step back I see some family traditions in the works. The summer is when we try to go back to my hometown of Stanton and enjoy Derby Lake (the lake I grew up on). My parents have kept many of the toys that make the visits so fun. The weekend starts with boat rides in the evenings, swimming in the days and lots of food. My mom will always have pea and peanut salad along with a batch of store bought macaroni salad that she has added cheese and diced eggs to make it just a little heartier. We are usually grilling burgers and brats or pan frying fish that dad and the kids caught. Memorial Day weekend would not be complete without a couple pans of morel mushrooms.

The days are never very productive but they are full of lounging, laughing and the occasional road trip to town for items that may complete an adventure or replenish an item we may have run out of.
I love waking up to Eamon and grandma having a conversation about what grandma should make for breakfast. Eamon is my breakfast kid and grandma will always make him whatever he wants. I enjoy the sarcasm and banter between between my father and David and Heidi is always around to pick up the slack by helping with the kids or helping mom with the food. My dad's brothers always come over too so it makes for a mini/partial family reunion.
The triplets were very fond of the water this past weekend.  They had no fear jumping off the dock and into the water.  Eamon and Liam took the paddle boat out by themselves and you could tell that they loved the independence. 

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