Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monkey See..Monkey Do

You tell me what you think they are doing?  The trips all of sudden were all laying in the sand, face down and still as cucumbers.  There really wasn't anything special about the sand today.  It was your normal dirty, coarse, dry beach sand.  This is a perfect example of monkey see...Declan was laying there (I think playing with a rock) then Colin came over to join and minutes later Finn was in a full out run ...diving headfirst in order not to miss out on the potential fun the others were having.  I observed all 3 and was still wondering what it was that was so interesting.  Was it nap time or was it triplet talk and triplet behavior that we will never be privileged too?  This seems to be the only way to capture all 3 in one area at the same time.  Put there faces on their little behinds and we would have a great photo.
We had a pool party in Romeo with some friends and were fortunate enough to capture this photo.  The only reason we got it is because we allowed them to hang on the edge of the pool for a moment.  They are crazy crazy triplets but they can be quite fun.

Last night the hubby and I had golf night so my sister Heidi came over to watch the kids.  She pulled in and said she needed help carrying stuff in. (I get nervous sometimes when Heidi says that because she is that sister that you all wish you had...she always comes bearing gifts, treats or surprises of some kind) Heidi brought a huge box.  She was going to make clubhouse with the kids.  I dug out all of the poster paints and brushes and came home to the Mott Clubhouse.  The kids loved painting it and I love that they were having fun while we were gone.

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