Monday, August 22, 2011

Preparing For The Summer To End

The daunting task of preparing for winter is upon me.  You can laugh and snicker all you like but until you live my life for a day you will never understand the importance of staying ahead of the season change.  Our humble little abode will again become way to small, way to fast.  The days will seem longer and the activities will become more select due to the great state that I live in.  I began thinking last week of creating a craft room.  I decided that it was time to gather all of the craft bins that are literally stuffed in many corners of my home and centralize a place of chaos.  I have every craft and accessory you can think of but I have stuff in so many places that when the kids ask me to do a craft I often tell them "not now" because either I can't find the right bin, the triplets are awake and are going to get into it or I just don't want the mess on the kitchen table. 

I kicked David out of his basement workshop and transformed it into a place of fun for everyone..including me.  (I didn't really kick him out..lets be honest.  He has his own shed and a garage.  He has his "stuff" in 3 different places and it is time for him to consolidate his chaos into his man shed.  My lovely husband works lots of hours and has 6 kids to play with when he gets home from work.  It will be many years before he really has the time to go out and actually build something or putter the way he would really want to.)This room was used as his workshop and we also use it as our laundry room (perfection because it has water for washing hands, cleaning up messes, water for painting etc.).  I made 2 trips to Ikea and a trip to Lowes and we now have our very own craft room.   I wanted to get it done so other than needing David to hang a few items I made sure that everything was simple and fit my abilities.  I have one more Ikea shelf to add and I think it will be perfect.  Below is the before and after.  It probably doesn't look like much of a change but if you see it in person you will see the amount of work. 

Here is the after....Not bad huh.  I currently have 3 kids downstairs is off and the door is shut...I peeked in and they are going thru things and making all sorts of stuff.  Only a couple of rules.  Do whatever you want but whatever you get out..make sure it is put away when are done.  The other one...this is your craft room so be respectful of what is in it.

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