Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer with Triplets, Twins and A Single

I just haven't had the energy to sit down and keep you all updated in the past several weeks.  There is no reason other than I have been going nonstop.  I feel like every morning I put on my swimsuit (I am bound to hit some sort of water by the end of the day and who knows if I will make it back up to my room to change once everyone is awake) and with the constant heat I have the sweat glow all day long.  I put some makeup on every couple of days and the hair is pulled back everyday in pretty much the same style.  I feel like I am constantly packing and unpacking beach and pool bags.  Every time we leave the house (all 7 of us) someone is bound to be hungry, need a diaper, a towel, a snack or something to drink.

We have completed many adventures and I have to say that most have been without too much stress.  The beach is completely comfortable for me to take all 6, the zoo has been fun, the squirt park was fun and the pool visits have been pretty good.  Trips wake up in the morning and say, "go to beach"?  I feel so lucky to have so many different people over the summer who stop over, visit or babysit that the kids are all getting very used to lots of faces.  The rest of the summer is not planned at all.  There are no camps planned so it is all me.

BTW..we woke up this morning to nearly a dozen broken eggs on our house and car.  We were a little disgusted to find several of our front windows hit with eggs.  My vehicle was hit and several other random hits around the front of the house.  It kind of makes you feel violated knowing someone was that close to your house in the middle of the night.  I sent an email out to all of our neighbors..I guess the more people who know about it ..the better.

Hockey has officially started and we are ready and waiting.  Swimming isn't going to start up again until September and Mairin is hell bent that she wants to play soccer too.

David and I have been able to spend a good amount of time together this summer which is very nice. We play golf in a couples league on Tuesday nights and we have been trying to make it out during the week together.  There it is .........everything you need to know for the past several weeks.

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Caitlin said...

Your summer sounds delightful! My husband will be delighted to hear that you can take triplets to the beach with not too much catastrophe. He's already trying to work out the soonest possible moment we can escape to the beach with the tribe of 5, when they become 5. (I'm 26 weeks pregnant and already have two singleton boys). That's awful about the eggs. Hope it doesn't happen again.