Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Labor Day Success-Things I forgot

I forgot to talk about the success we all had in Stanton on Labor Day Weekend in waterskiing and kneeboarding.  We asked Eamon and Liam if they were interested in learning how to kneeboard and they both jumped at the idea.  We got out the ropes, Heidi drove the boat and I did the in water teaching.  It took about 3 tries each and they were off and running.  They loved it and wanted to keep going around and around the lake.

 On the last day of the weekend our neighbor had some extra gas he wanted to use up and said he was willing to get them up on waterskies.  He had the child size skies and the boys were interested.  My dad and I were the in water teachers and after some shallow starts they each figured it out and off they went.  They each went around the lake twice and the longer they went the more comfortable they grew on the skies.

 Miss Mairin watched all of this activity and decided she was going to kneeboard.  Please note that Mairin will NOT go tubing so I was shocked and excited that she wanted to try.  She rode around the lake on the kneeboard and did great.  I think it wiped her out as she said her hands were sore for the next day. 

I was also able to get Aunt Dorie give the trips haircuts while we were there.  How nice to cut hair outside and save us a trip to the barber shop.  These weekends up north can be so productive.
The weekend would not be complete without a trip out to the pond for some serious fishing.  David, grandpa and the boys headed out and said it was a great success and came home with enough for several dinners.  We took a bunch back with us to have later on this winter.  The boys were baiting their own hooks and taking the fish off too.  I can't figure out who enjoys it more...the boys, David or Grandpa.

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