Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Mott's Like Bikes

Today was the Tour De Troit.  How fun.  We went downtown and spent all morning riding around downtown Detroit on bikes.  The kids stayed home with cousin Maddie but David and I had a ball.  It was a 22.5 mile jaunt and the cops had most streets blocked off so we didn't have to stop.  We started in front of the old train station at Roosevelt Park and went all over.  It was cool to look at everything while we tooled along.  For all of my friends who are afraid of Detroit, this is a great ride with lots of people and we all felt very safe and secure during the entire ride.
David thought this event was a race so the entire ride he was shifting thru the maze of bikes attempting to improve his place.  I rode with him for awhile and it was nice having him as a tour guide pointing out what the buildings were and what they were back in the day.  My favorite question was.."Are we in a rough area right now?"  We really got the blood pumping when we spread out around Belle Isle.  After the ride they had all kinds of vendors serving good beers and good food from local restaurants.  It was a little overwhelming to see over 4,000 bikers needing to eat at the same time but eventually we made it thru the lines.  It was a little after 2 when we were all tired, full and ready to head out.  In the picture is my niece Coco and her fiance Chris my brother in law and sister in law..Billy and Nadine (did I ever tell everyone how cool and charismatic Billy is? He is just great.) and my sister in law..Kathleen. 
The best is when you come home and you see your kids trying to be just like you.  They all had their bikes out ready to ride the driveway.  Too cute.

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