Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Hubby Started A New Job

David has a new job and it only happens once a week on Sunday mornings.  He works for 9, 9 year old children and the topic of his new job is all about God.  This job does not pay any monetary amount but I think it will pay back in many different ways.  David has taken on the 4th grade Sunday school class.  This past Sunday was has first class and I think he really enjoyed it.  This class will probably not do much in the way of crafts and art but they will learn more than they are expecting to.  The first homework assignment for these young people was to go home and think........"what do you want to get out of this class"? I will be anxiously awaiting the responses that come in from this assignment.

I am so proud of my husband for his drive to be active in his community, provide for his family and keep faith at the forefront of his endeavors.  He is an excellent role model and teacher to his 6 children and he is very good to me. 

On Sundays we all sit together for mass and depending on the topic he will nudge or whisper to the boys or Mairin and point out something of importance that they might have  missed.  He refuses to let any excuse take the place of attending mass.  He often asks the kids to repeat the order of importance and it makes me smile every time.  God..Family..Country.   Nighttime is where they all learned their prayers in both English and Spanish.  He is truly raising another generation of faith. 

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