Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not Very Original...The Cider Mill..lol

Can you guess where we are?  Doesn't every mom with kids hit a cider mill enough to never want to go to another one again by the time the kids are 5 years old?  I grabbed Aunt Myrna and told her we were trying a new one out.  We headed out to 3 Cedars Cider Mill in Northville (it is far far away and I still dont believe that it is really in Northville).  The best best part of this entire place is that it has a screened in porch to eat your cider and donuts...NO BEES.  It really is a cute place and the kids got a hay ride, played in the corn box, rode little tractors and got a treat from Aunt Myrna.  The best for me was the wonderful adult company in having Myrna with us. 
We don't get many pictures with Aunt Myrna but this one was a keeper.  She is truly an amazing person and so generous to me and my kids......She leaves me speechless.  Glad you could go with us Aunt Myrna.

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