Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Schedule Changing

I am on a mission.  The house has taken last place all summer while we have all played.  Today I began the mission.  I painted the family room (same color just wanted a fresh coat since the walls were so scuffed up).  I took my magic eraser around the house and wiped and scrubbed the icky walls and tried to rid my handles of grime and prints.  I have so far to go but I have begun and I am ready to continue.
The beginning of school for us....means many changes.  We are back into a routine that I insist on following.  A new school year brings home cooked meals (most nights), healthy lunches packed with love, evenings that fly by because of activities and a little more love to the little ones since they have me to themselves.  It also begins a regular laundry schedule and weekends that seem to be catch up from the whirlwind weeks.  I think there are battles to either summer or school schedules.  Summer is busy but relaxed.  The kids help me out more but we also are on the go more often and outside enjoying the weather. We all wake up a bit later and most mornings are very slow without any real schedule.  We can do whatever we want...take off for a couple days.  I find that we do alot of sack lunches and pizza over the summer.  I do not cook nearly as much as I should over the hot months.  It is a bit refreshing getting the crew back into action because I feel like I can get our house to run like a machine.  The kids all know what they are doing and when and so do I.  Today the older 3 were off on the bus at 8:10am  and the trips and I hit Jungle Java for some climbing fun and then headed to the cider mill.  Tonight I made dinner and it was good to get back into the groove of cooking.  I was downstairs this morning at 7am with the Today Show on, coffee brewing, making lunches and getting my roast into the crock pot.  I was in the mood for some beef barley soup. 

The kids have had a couple of good days at school.  Liam seems very happy with his class, Eamon is just full of smiles in hopes of pleasing Mrs. Ladd and Mairin is all about doing whatever the teacher wants.  Although I am still getting used to the schedule is still a nice change.


LaTosha said...

You are amazing! Super mom!!

Angela said...

It took me three days to dig ourselves out from under the summer pile of laziness! Nothing like showing your home to make you have to clean! I can't believe you started with painting! Way to go!