Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Time

God Bless my sister Heidi who always insists on the traditions of carving pumpkins.  She came over after work with all of her tools and stencils to carve.  We had enough for everyone so I just started getting each pumpkin open to dig out and everyone took on their roles from there.  Eamon, Liam and Mairin were able to do their own and it was so cool to have them be able to carve their own.  Heidi and I helped everyone and each carved our own.  The triplets as you can see just played with the hollowed out pumpkins, played with the seeds and carried the tools around claiming they were working.  It was a beautiful evening to do it and doing it outside was an even better plus.  I do love doing this stuff once I get started but I always seem to need the push to begin the chaos. 

It was a little over an hour later and we were all done and we still had some daylight left.  We kept the seeds for roasting and my dad requested some too so he could plant a field of pumpkins for next year.  Oh dear....I can see it now. grandma and grandpa are going to bring a trailer load of pumpkins down next year...HELP..

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