Wednesday, October 5, 2011



I will learn how to knit
I will organize the junk drawers
I will take classes on how to do stained glass
I will begin working out daily
I will get more followers and work on getting my blog busy again
I will wake up at 10am and do nothing all day
I will get all of my photos in order and photoshop them to improve them
I will rekindle so many friendships that I have lost sight of in the past several years
I will take my pictures and videos and make movies out of them
I will sit down and watch "The Godfather" (silly but I have never seen it)
I will start a business
I will get around to cleaning out closets
I will get rid of every pile in my house

But for now I will

Give hugs and kisses everyday
Take the kids everywhere they need to go
Help out with homework
Pack lunches, fix breakfast and dinner for my crew
Make my kids laugh
Love on my husband
Wash all of their clothes
Continue to give time outs when needed
Repeat myself
Go to bed early to be ready for the next day
Worry about each of them
Make sure they have what they need to make it in life
Have date nights with just my hubby

Life does go fast and I guess I still have lots of time to do everything I think about doing..but I wonder if I will end up doing all of these things that I think I want to...when I finally have the time?  I have heard that this time goes fast so sit back and enjoy them while they are small because someday they will grow up.  That being said....Everything else can wait. 

I have to go get the triplets up from a nap, get dinner started, take Mairin to swimming, help out with homework and make sure I get out to grab a gallon of milk.

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