Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Triplets Are Almost 3...You Know What That Means

December 17,  2011 and I will have 3 year old triplets.  I know I know it is coming, the dreaded feat of potty training.  I am the one who is dragging her feet.  I decided to dance around the subject on Thursday of this week.  I woke up very ambitious and decided no diapers for the morning.  We had no plans so it was a stay at home type of day.  I took off the diapers and left them with just t shirts, pulled out 3 potty chairs and put them in front of the TV and filled the sipper cups with juice.  I also put the candy jar right in front of them with a lid that they could not unscrew.  I also brought out all of the fun underwear and we all tried on the different pairs.  They sat on their potties and watched Calliou...Elmo...Little Einsteins...and I have to say it went OK.  Declan forgot to hold it down so I was sitting in front of him and I got a dousing and Colin stood up and peed on me.  Minor malfunctions but until they can get their little things under control we all know it is going to happen.

The juice was all finished and then I got out orange juice and everyone was excited.  I was sure there was potty to come shortly...surely their tummies were full full of liquid.  Wouldn't you know it that suddenly Finn comes up to me and says, "it hurts" as he is tugging on his little thing.  I asked him if he wanted to sit with me and he chose to sit on his potty.  In a minute there was about 3 inches deep of potty in the potty.  No wonder it hurt.  He was just like an adult...just as he started going a smile came on his face, a sigh of relief, a release of the pressure.  Everyone was playing, peeing, playing, peeing and finally after 2 hours of this event I decided it was diaper time.   It became a sort of game.  They each would sit and do a little dribble and then we would do the potty dance.  (I must have sung that song 40 times in a span of 2 hours... you get tired of being so happy for something that you would think would be so easy... Do you know the song?  You hold hands and sing "pee pee on the potty..pee pee on the potty)  I had 6 wet pairs of underwear, my wet pants, 3 potty soaked towels and 3 potty chairs to clean up.  It was only 11am and I was tired.  

We will continue to try it over and over again until we are trained but gosh I really do like diapers.

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Janet said...

Totally understand what you guys are going through right now. Working on that with my girlies now. Diapers are SO convenient....but I would like to have that money back in my pocketbook every week. Good luck! Look forward to reading future "potty posts".