Friday, October 7, 2011

Twins and a Single and a Visit To The Bank

The twins and little Mairin didn't have school today so we made use of our time together and made a trip to the bank.  My mom was in town so she took them to breakfast while I took the triplets to their Friday mom's morning out program. 

We got their banks out and we sat at the kitchen table and counted all of our money.  We put the change into rolls and straightened each dollar and organized each pile.  Eamon had a big pile of dollars but only a few rolls of coins.  Liam had a bunch of rolls of coins and fewer dollars.  Mairin had the least amount of money but that didn't bother her a bit.  I had them write down their account numbers, total amount of money and put it in a baggie.  We took everything to the bank and I let them do the rest.  They filled out their own deposit slips and went up to the counter one at a time and made their deposits.  Liam had added wrong so they asked him to fill out another slip to make the correction and he did.  Eamon had a smirk on his face the entire time and Mairin...well Mairin was ready to ask for a job.  It was kind of a fun morning.  The kids asked me to go to Subway so we did.

My mom was here since Wednesday and we had a couple of nice evenings.  I just love sitting in the family room at night and just chatting with my mom.  We (just the 2 of us) are going to Las Vegas at the end of the month for 4 days to see Garth Brooks.  Mom called me several weeks ago and asked if I wanted to go see Garth and I of course said yes.  I asked her when and where and that is when she told me where it was.  Heidi was there in the background sitting on hold with ticket master to book the tickets once she heard me say ok.  It was such a nice surprise.  My sister offered to help David with the kids and David kindly said, "sure go ahead".  Garth is performing his last scheduled concert at the Wynn and we are going to be there.  I don't think I have ever gone somewhere like this with just mom.  It is going to be a great 4 days and I can't wait.

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