Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mom 2 Mom Sale..Preparation

Preparation for our Mom 2 Mom sale is coming to the final stages.  I used to do lots of sales when the twins were growing out of stuff (I didn't need my twin stuff anymore...not like I was going to have multiples again...LOL)  I grew tired of the sales so I haven't done one for 6 years.  I have given away most of my girl stuff but I have been storing the older boys stuff for the triplets and storing the triplet stuff for a sale.  I was utterly amazed at how many boxes I found of triplet clothes 0 to 24 months.  I counted 15 boxes and that did not include toys.

 I have been very blessed to have had a friend who has given me everything her son has grown out of and also all of her hand me downs.    Miss Sally is a working mom of 2 kids and she hates doing laundry so she makes sure the kids have at least 2 weeks worth of stuff so she doesn't have to do laundry more than that.  We are doing the sale together since all of my stuff and her stuff is mixed in with each other.  This explains why we have 38 pairs of pants for 12 to 18 months.  Pictures just cannot even do it justice for the daunting job we had ahead of ourselves when we tried to sort everything.  We took over my dining room and after a couple Diet Pepsi's, good conversation, some sarcasm and laughing I think we are ready for the sale on Saturday.  I can't wait to get it out and reclaim my dining room. 

The sale is tomorrow and I just finished loading the car with tons of stuff.  It is a girls night out for setup and a ladies day out tomorrow for hanging and making some money......

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Music Masti said...

wow fantastic preparation ...nice planning