Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mott Thanksgiving Tradition

The Thanksgiving tradition with the Mott family is quite the big event.   David and I started hosting this event 6 years ago and it truly is one of those events that you have to see to really believe.  Turkey Day 2011 was no exception and we hit a record attendance.  I counted 51 this year and we all had a ball. 

Nadine started a new tradition of having a drink of the day. She researched and decided on a cranberry martini.  They were fantastic and thank goodness she brought her own "cocktail" size cups because filling up the cups that I had was not doing anyone any favors.   Kevin and Kathy Mott joined us for the first time and I believe that they were pleasantly surprised.  Tom carved turkeys (no pun intended) and Nadine was my right hand girl in the kitchen.  Willie's lady, Maggie Jean was the inspiration behind the craft for the evening by directing me to the items needed to make Nordstrom knockoff bracelets. 

The men of the house have always taken "the walk" after dinner and I feel like they initiated in several of the nephews. 

I always try to capture the fun moments of the evening and every year there seems to be a funny story or two.  I remember last year was Nadine insisting that we all sing Happy Birthday to her (Happy Birthday Nadine) and this year Billy was our entertainment (gosh I love those cranberry martinis).  I also noticed that Tom had a hard time finding a place to nap without being bothered.  He appeared to be looking for a place to crash throughout the evening.(clearly he was in food coma). 

I think the best part of the evening is when I got to chat with the college nieces.  We sat around and just talked about college life.  How cool is that they want to talk to ME about their THEIR college experience. (gosh I feel so flattered)

I didn't see much of my kids that day.  They were hanging downstairs and close to the candy jars.  They recognized all of the cousins who babysat for them this past year and it was cute to see them take turns going from one to another. 
The last of the Mott's left at 12:15am and by 12:30 I was out the door and on my way to Old Navy to stock up on jeans for my boys.  I never thought I would get so excited for a jean sale.  Watching how fast they ruin jeans makes you watch for a good deal and stock up.  That was the extent of my Black Friday shopping. 


Sally said...

What a great family tradition

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Good family and nice tradition