Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Twins, No Triplets, No Single, No Hubby..Just mom and me.

Vegas Baby!!!!!!!!!!!  My mother and I took off this past Thursday for a 4 day trip to Sin City...just the 2 of us.  We had a great time and it was a nice break away from the routine.  I had several helpers that made it happen and thank you so much to Myrna, Marcia, Heidi and of course to my hubby for saying, "Just go, have fun and don't worry about a thing, we will be fine". 

My mom asked me to go several months ago.  She wanted to see Garth Brooks at the Wynn and invited me along (a bit of an early birthday treat).  You must know that Garth was the first concert I ever went to back in 1993.  I had 4 tickets to the Palace and it was my first experience.  I took several girlfriends (Barb Train, Erin Lucas and Tena Olson) and we headed to the "D".  I have seen my share of shows since then but this particular show was the best show I have ever seen.

The theater was small and intimate and perfect for a show like this.  Garth came out with a baseball cap, button up shirt and a pair of jeans.  He was all by himself and it almost felt like a jam session in his basement.  He is quite the entertainer as he had us laughing and at the edge of our seats for 2.5 hours.  The show centered around his family, growing up, his parents and who influenced his music career.  He played many songs by many different artists and would drop some of his own in the mix.  Tricia Yearwood came out for a couple of songs and all in all it was just one of those things that you do that you are so glad you did.

My mom and I love to gamble but we don't like to lose our money so it was funny to watch mom calculate how much she was down (I am down $22.00) .  I finally told her to stop keeping track.  I think  most people would be thrilled to walk away from Vegas being down under $100.00.  We were downtown at Binions and decided to try the penny slots.  I grabbed a machine and so did she.  We put our little $10.00 in and it wasn't more than a minute when mom hit.  We couldn't figure out how much she won so we just sat and watched the pennies total on the machine.  I got bored of watching so I went back to playing.  It was 45 minutes later and she has 30,000 pennies and it keeps totaling.  We order a cocktail and continue to wait.  All the while it is totaling we are making jokes about how we could potentially be there for hours and what if she was alone and had to go to the bathroom.  You can't just leave your machine.  Well finally a lady walked by and said, "Did you know that if you push the spin button again it will total for you".  We looked at each other and started laughing.  We were at 30,000 pennies and it took an hour to get there and little did we know we had to go to 100,000 pennies.  It totaled immediately and mom cashed our $1,000.00.  We had a great laugh and it proves that we are not the most experienced gamblers around.

By Sunday night we were happy to land in Michigan and head back to reality.  I arrived home to a stocked fridge, clean house, kids in bed and a happy husband.  Heidi really outdid herself with all of the meals she cooked while she was there and the loads of laundry that she did to keep things running. 

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