Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Til The End Of The Year

No time to sit down and take a break from the crazy chaos of is on to the next event.  Here we are less than a month from Thanksgiving and less than 2 months from the always greatly anticipated Christmas Holiday.  I have to admit that even though the next couple of months are going to be busy I can't help but love putting on the heavy sweaters, tall warm boots, cooking chili and nestling in under a blanket on a cold day.  I love the smells of fall, the way everyone starts decorating and how the malls make you feel around the holidays.  It is a busy time but I am always ready for it to come and always ready for it to go once it is over. 

I get the privilege of hosting the Mott Thanksgiving again this year and although it is alot of work I love every minute of it.  The family continues to grow it is exciting to see everyone all together every year.  I have learned alot during my last 4 years of hosting.  Keep the appetizers light, ask for help, no one really notices if everything isn't perfect and the most important...the more carbs the better. 

I am starting to browse the toy sites online to see what the gifts are going to be this year.  I am putting together a holiday card with the help of a very talented friend and trying to meet up with special friends for coffee or drinks. 

Did I mention that I leave tomorrow for Las Vegas?  My mom asked me to go with her to see the Garth Brooks concert.  I am leaving all kids with their dear father and my dear husband.  My sister is staying back to come over and help out with whatever is needed.  I am also getting some help from dear Marcia and Aunt Myrna.  They say it takes a village to raise a family so I am cashing in on my villagers.  We will be returning Sunday night so I am very much looking forward to it. 

Unfortunately I must go because it does take some organizing to be able to leave.  I have a huge list still left to complete. 

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