Friday, December 2, 2011

A Birthday For Me and A Good Lesson Learned

Yesterday I celebrated yet another year of life.  I am now 2 years away from the big "40".  Every year since David and I have been married (well since the kids have been around) I have these crazy dreams that David will get up with the kids, pack the lunches and let me lay in bed and just have a relaxing morning.  I have to tell you that each year there is a disappointment because I think he will just "know" to do that.  I was proactive this year and the night before I told David, "Better go to bed because you have a big morning tomorrow".  He looks at me and says "what do you mean". "Tomorrow is my birthday and you are getting up with the kids and doing the morning routine before you shower and go to work".  The look of shock was on his face but bless his heart because he said, "Ok".  I asked him if he knew what each kid liked for lunch and he didn't (thank goodness we talked about this).  Eamon likes ham and cheese, Liam likes peanut butter and jelly and Mairin will go either way. You need to include a fruit, yogurt and a small treat such as pretzels or something.  He looked a little nervous but he was ready.  The morning came and he got up and headed downstairs.  I inserted my earplugs so I wasn't listening or hearing what was happening downstairs.  It was an hour later when a small knock was at my door and my 3 older darlings came in with a cup of coffee and 3 birthday cards.  I read each one and they were all precious.  My heart was full of joy and I was on cloud 9.  I jumped in the shower and by the time I came downstairs the older 3 were gone on the bus and I looked at David and said, "thank you so much for doing this, you have already made my day".  He looks at me and says, "no problem baby you just have to ask".  I just have to ask....hummm I couldn't even respond to that.  I had to really ponder that response for a moment and that was my ahhhh haaa moment.  I spent the past 8 years wishing and finally I realized that we don't think fact we are different beings all together.  His mind works very differently than mine and just because I have to ask him doesn't mean it means any less.  This was the best birthday morning ever and from now on I will ask for the things that I think are important.

I of course wanted details of the morning so as he was wiping the counters down I asked, "so how did it go".  He turned around and took a deep breath and said, "it went ok but I didn't know I had to wake them up so they kind of slept to long and we had to rush breakfast and then I had to sign stuff for their classroom and then Eamon couldn't find his homework and then Liam couldn't find his shoe and gee whiz we barely got out the door for the bus".  I smiled and melted because without saying so, I think he got to see what the morning ritual is like.  I asked him what he put in the lunches and he went down the line and when he got to Eamon he said, "I gave Eamon a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard"  "Mustard..I don't remember telling you mustard"?  Oh well I just put a little on there.  (my head is saying...why would you put mustard on his sandwich? I didn't say were not listening to me.  I let it go and laughed because there is always 2 ways of doing way and dad's way).  

David finally got off to work and I headed out to run some errands and I received a wonderful birthday text from my hubby and it really did add just another skip to my step.  I had a birthday cake with candles that we all blew out before I headed out to a ladies function that was planned (not birthday related).  I arrived home at 10:30pm and there was a vase of flowers and a card from David with a couple of things I could do for my  day.  It was a beautiful ending to a great day and a great ah ha moment.

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Janet said...

Aww how sweet! Isn't it amazing how as a Mom sleeping in can be the best present ever? Happy Birthday!