Friday, December 9, 2011

Trimming The Tree

On Wednesday evening I decided to start a tradition and get everyone to decorate the Christmas tree.  I put the tree up during the day and had everything ready for the kids to put the ornaments on.  I told David to be home on time (pick up a couple items to make a cocktail) and I was going to have a great dinner ready.

The kids were starving so they were snacking. David got home the older ones were ready to pass out, the triplets had pushed every button I had and didn't want to eat, I was trying to keep my smile going so we could complete this new tradition that only really exists on TV.

I had great expectations for this evening. The TV always portrays an evening of trimming the tree as peaceful and relaxing. They always have the music on in the background and everyone is dressed perfect. The husband and wife are often looking on smiling and cooing as their perfect family is together for the holidays. Well.....that is not reality at all. In fact it is nearly the opposite. It is more like the mom is sweating trying to get the ornaments out fast enough, the dad is grabbing kids off chairs in hopes that they don't jump into the tree and topple it over while trying to hang that one ornament, the kids are all messy because they just ate pasta and the sauce is spilled down the front of them and clearly we did not have time to wipe their mouths off because we had a timeline to follow. Mom is also trying to break up arguments expecting the kids to be greatful for the experience. It was fun though...really it was.

Dinner was great and the older 3 were very excited to decorate.  I turned on the Christmas music really loud, poured myself a drink and off to the living room we went.  The bins of ornaments were open and the kids all dived in.  I had to stop them because they were breaking them as they dropped them back into the bin.  David sat and got each ornament ready and as he handed them to each kid he made them answer the question "what do you wish for"? It was kind of neat to hear the responses the kids.  "I wish for a healthy family", "I wish for ice on the pond", "I wish that we win our next hockey game".   The triplets couldn't figure out how to hang the ornaments at first so I had 3 of them saying, "can't do it".  They finally got it and it was kind of fun to watch them hang the ornaments and laugh. 

By the time we were finished I was exhausted, had a messy kitchen to clean up...but I did have a cocktail.  I realize that each year is going to be easier and easier so that makes me smile.  We all did a cheer for the camera as I was so happy it was done..LOL

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