Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Happenings

It was 8am on Christmas morning when I arose and went out to the living room to find Eamon, Liam and Mairin waiting patiently by the Christmas tree.  My mom and dad were also up along with Heidi.  I was shocked that I didn't hear a peep from the triplets so we proceeded.  We spent the next hour opening up gifts in a very organized fashion (triplets were still sleeping).  A couple of ipod shuffles, an ipad for Heidi and Mom and Dad and we were all having fun.  The gift of the day was the green machine for Mairin.  It was peaceful but as the time went on my anticipation for the triplets to wake up was increasing.  It was 9:30 when we finally heard them waking up.  It was great that we were all able to focus on them while they opened their gifts.  Just a few moments into it and there were tears and fighting over who was opening what and of course everyone wanted the same gift.  The big hit for the triplets were the Fisher Price iXLs.  They all loved them and it kept them busy for a good part of the morning.

It is a tradition in our family to have Christmas with my parents and Heidi so we all go up there on the 23rd and take all the presents with us.  We open in the morning and then we prepare the house and food for my mom's side of the family Christmas at 3:00pm.  It is kind of like running in shifts.  It is tough to get everything up north but once we are there it is cozy and comfortable.  It takes several cars to bring everything back to our home but it is all worth it. 

December 26th came and we started the dreaded packing up and we were able to get on the road by 2pm.  I couldn't see out the back of the Expedition, Heidi had a full vehicle but everyone was happy.  I know that my mom loves when we come but I also know that we wear her out and by the time we leave I think she probably takes the afternoon off.  There is always a hot meal cooked for all of us and she is constantly answering questions and cooking.

The Mott Christmas happened on the 27th.  It was at Davids sister house this year and we were all excited that our niece & nephew (Gina and Captain Kevin Mott) were going to be in town.  We haven't seen Kevin since his graduation from West Point.  We were all so proud and wanted to talk to him after his 2 trips to Afghanistan and has amazing recovery from his injuries.  (I do like Lauren, his girlfriend.  They seem very good for each other)

The Mott Christmas went well and the kids all disappeared when we arrived.  They overloaded on pop and candy but no pukers.  I tried to spend my time going around the room and making sure I got to catch up with everyone.  It was a lot of fun and Santa was hilarious this year.

This is all of the gorgeous nieces(and my daughter who loves to be in the middle of everything).  Still with a couple missing.
It was another late night for everyone.  The Mott's tend to gather and gather.....and stay and stay longer.  Great fun

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debi9kids said...

There is nothing I live more than a big family Christmas.
Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.