Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Food On The Go For Triplets

We are in the car so much and rather than stopping at a drive thru I have tried to master lunch and dinner on the go.  I began with baggies of food that I would pass out but I found that the food got mushy and the trips couldn't find all of the surprises in the bags.  I have since improved my madness.  I use my tupperware and I create 3 little dishes of glory.  I have fun going thru my cupboards trying to come up with something that will spark their interest and excite them.  I cut things up and take wrappers off and throw in a toothpick or two to make for a more interesting twist. 

I pick up the triplets from a mom's morning out program at noon on Wednesday's  and they are usually starving.  If you are anything like me it is nice when your kitchen stays halfway decent for more than a couple hours so lunch on the go also solves this little issue.  I would much rather prepare this portable lunch so that they can eat in the car and I can run a couple of in car errands (gas, car wash, bank drive thru).  We turn on their movie and off we go.  It is also a great way to get 3 tired kids motivated to walk nicely with mom to the car. I often play it up that I have treats in the car so we have to go. 

Once we arrive home the food is usually gone and we get out and they help me bring in the garbage cans from the road and they help get the mail.  We take off the shoes and coats and they go directly upstairs for naps.  It also keeps them from coming in the house and destroying it before they go down for a nap.  1pm clean kitchen and clean family room.  Who doesn't love that.

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Janet said...

Awesome idea! I'm gonna have to try this. I've always used baggies as well!