Thursday, January 26, 2012

This One...... Not That One!

Why is it that when kids reach a certain age they have to be so picky about everything.  The triplets are currently in the phase of, this one...not that one.

I will hand them a spoon and they want a different one, they want a different sip cup, a different kind of underwear and oh don't pick out the wrong shirt for Finn or you will hear it.  It seems like everything takes us a long time because of the "I do it myself" or "I want this one".  Getting out of the car can kill 10 minutes if you have the time because if I attempt to help them out they just go back in another 3 feet and start over.  This is great if you have no where to be, but good lord if I am in a hurry, I can feel the blood rushing through my veins and making my hair stand on end.  Don't shut the door for them because then we all have to stand there and open and shut it 3 times so everyone can say they had a turn shutting the door.  I have them bring in the garbage cans with me and since we have 4 cans I have to remember to bring one in myself so there is not one left over.  Things have to be very fair and even at this point in my house.  I guess some of that never changes though.

The thing that makes me the most crazy right now is when you get them all ready for bed in their zip up pajamas, you wipe the sweat off your brow, stand up and it isn't 2 minutes that go by when they come to you and say, "got to go potty".  You can't say "no" cause you are in the midst of training them. (well actually yes you can say no.  You can look right at them and say whatever you want but trust me, it won't matter what you say to them because they will repeat and repeat...I got to go potty...I got to go potty, until you allow them to undress and start over)  I call this round 2 of pajama time and when one needs to try to go potty one last time the other two feel the need to do the same.  The frenzy starts all over again, as if I hadn't just completed this task just a few short moments ago. Here we are at 8pm and I am sitting on the floor next to the potties, patience for the day had expired 20 minutes ago and we are still sitting on our potties looking down at our handsome penis (commenting on how big they are) trying to squeeze out that last drop.  Doing things over and having to repeat the bedtime routine more than 7 times in 1 week is very tough to get used to. 

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