Friday, February 10, 2012

He Is My Child And I Didn't Realize.....

Snack time yesterday we were sitting on the couch and watching our favorite "Calliou" and as Colin is watching the show he is carefully pulling out his cheese it one at a time. (I bought the scrabble ones so each one has a letter on it). He shows me the letter and tells me what it is.  A, G, D.....and he keeps pulling them out and he keeps correctly identifying them.  I grab the bag and dump them out and start asking him and he keeps answering correctly.  (this must be a mistake....I have been thru this age before and I haven't spent endless hours practicing letters in hopes of have a reader at 3 years old. My other children didn't know this age this age.)  Later on I got out the letter cards and ask Colin to come and sit on my lap.  I show the cards and he proceeds to tell me the letters as I show him one by one.  We continue on and some of the letters he tells me the sound rather than the letter.  I let David go thru the letters with him as well and David is a bit surprised too.  I am his mother and I am with him all of the time and I didn't realize he knew his letters.  I want to continue the test so I grab Declan and show him the cards.  Declan told me the color of the letter and the object that appeared with the letter but didn't say the letters.  He wants to get off my lap because he really isn't interested.   Hummmmm interesting.  Colin is always intense in whatever he does.  He plays hockey with his older brothers and he is very focused in the cartoons or movies in the car.  When he looks at a book he really looks over each page before turning to the next.  I think this is a perfect example of how little ones develop and grasp things at their own pace.  I have 3 little boys who are being raised in the same house, by the same parents with the same rules and the same exposures and Colin has learned his letters while the others are working on shapes and colors.  Finn and Declan have no interest at this point other than repeating what I say.

As a mom I have always wanted the best for my kids and when I had the twins I didn't really know what they should know and when they should know it (outside of doctor milestones).  I watched the twins begin school and that is when I first saw what other kids know and I  could see where my child fell in the mix.  I then had Mairin and was much more aware of what she would learn and when she would learn it.  I quickly realized that each kid develops at a different speed and watching a child "get it" is the most amazing and precious moment of being a parent.  I really find Kindergarten to be such a range of abilities.  You have the kids who are reading and those who are not quite there.  David and I spent several years watching the kids grow and now with the twins in 4th grade you see the important concepts, if grasped early, can make early learning so much easier.  I also saw first hand how most kids even out at 3rd grade and worrying about where your child ranks among the class might be of importance to you at the time, it really isn't that important in the end.  I am by no means an expert in education but it has been a bit of an eye opener to me in the past several years.  

It is so much fun to watch kids learn and grow.

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