Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Naps...A Gift From God

Thank goodness for nap time. Mondays are swimming at Goldfish and we have established quite the routine. Annette and Kennedy (neighbor nanny and another little 3 year old) come over at 9am and we play until it is time to go to Goldfish. Our lessons are at 11:30 so we start loading the car at 10:50. I always pack 4 lunches so that when we are done swimming the kids can eat on the way home. (this is a sure way of getting a necessary meal out of the way to make room for long naps). There is no fooling around when we arrive home. We take off our coats and shoes and head directly upstairs for an afternoon of blissful sleep.

The triplets take their lesson until noon and when they are done I get the wonderful pleasure of joining them in the pool. Open swim is from noon to 1 so although I don't have to get into the pool for their lesson I have given in to my complete distaste of getting into a public pool in the middle of winter. It is not the water that bothers me, it is the fact that no mother needs to dig out a bathing suit in February. It is the idea of having to undress and glow in the dark with the white pasty skin or the fact that I get to stare at my toe nails and notice the pedicure that I haven't gotten since Labor Day weekend.

Upon arrival we all gather in a dressing room. Yesterday it seemed as if some of us were a bit on edge. Declan stood outside of the dressing room looking at the wall in a daze as I watched his pants slowly go from a light tan color to a dark brown. He then glanced down at his boots and watched the pee puddle at his feet. The "oh no" look came and immediately the whine of ..mommy I'm wet. When one pees..they all need to pee. We got Declan in the dressing room and just as we close the door there is the panic call from the other 2. "Got to go pee" "got to go pee". They are both naked, hoping around and holding themselves. (we aren't home so we can't just run out the door naked and find the bathroom). I am digging thru the swim bag trying to find the swim shorts so that I can get something on them and get them out the door fast enough to make it. (keep in mind that there is nothing relaxing about this event. It is always something and people wonder why I am always rushing and not taking time to enjoy...It is because "rush" is the only speed I seem to be familiar with these days)

We completed our lesson and our free swim and this is where...again it gets crazy. Triplets and I in a changing room and they are all wet. They can't pull off their suits on their own because they stick, they are shivering and they think it is funny to open the door. I decide to change first and they announce to everyone "mommy got underwear" "mommy go potty" etc etc etc. (Thank you wonderful sons for sharing with all of the Goldfish families exactly what your mom is doing...step by step in our cramped dressing room) We eventually gather our belongings and get out of the dressing room and now it is time for boots and coats. For some reason the hair dryers always stop us. There are 3 chairs and 3 dryers so all 3 get on the chairs and turn on the dryers and I try to wait patiently while they all hold the dryers in one place against their heads. They dry portions of their hair and by the time we leave they all have mohawk's sticking up in different directions. By the time we get loaded back into the car it seems like it has been a full day. I find the drivers seat and the ride home to be such a peaceful moment before we have to unload and empty. This is just a morning in the life of triplets....ahhhhhhh

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