Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Sunday

Another Easter has come and gone but every year it has many things that remain similar and as everyone grows things change. This year we decided to take all 6 to church for Easter Sunday. We often refrain from bringing the triplets into mass and opt for Sunday school or a sitter at home. The golden age isn't until at least 4 or 5 years old. My sister, Heidi wanted to go so I figured we would be ok with 3 adults. Church on Easter Sunday is always packed so we arrived a little early. I packed a bag of snacks and books and was secretly praying that we didn't make too big of a scene during our visit. I found a pew and realized quickly as I walked thru the pew just how many there were of us. The 9 of us completely took an entire pew and I had to smile as I leaned forward and glanced down the row. Mairin was so excited to be in her Easter dress, Eamon and Liam were showing no emotion and smiled when I caught their eyes, Finn was perched in between Mairin and Heidi watching people, Colin was sitting next to Eamon and Liam and you could tell he felt like a big kid. Declan was all over dad and then I was on the end. I enjoy being on the end, closest to the nearest exit. I hate being trapped when you need to get out quickly. Mass went surprisingly well and it wasn't until we went up for communion when all 3 trips were next to each other did people really realize...holy Moses...triplets. I get such a kick out of the surprise you get on people's faces. Eamon, Liam and Mairin are church going dreams. They have learned and know that they have to sit quietly or face the consequences. I think you only lose the computer for a couple time before you understand how to stay quiet for 1 hour on Sunday. We headed home and grabbed our dish to pass and headed to Aunt Myrna's for dinner. This was the first year that I could really sit back, chat and enjoy. The triplets were usually outside but they are finally at an age where I know they are not going to run away, play in the toilets, tip over a beautiful vase or unroll an entire roll of toilet paper. The weather was gorgeous, the food outstanding and the company delightful. Having Nanny there is always a special treat. We attempted a picture but someone always has to have an attitude.

Doesn't my Nanny look amazing?  87 years old and still hip and cool as ever.  Declan spent some time with her during Easter dinner.

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