Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally Done With Transitions

I dreaded the thought of potty training triplets and to my surprise it went very well.  I dreaded the thought of getting rid of cribs and my surprise it went over with no issues. 

Last week David and I had some time to take off and run a couple of errands.  I finally agreed to moving the trips out of their cribs so we went and picked out a couple of full size beds. (the twins had 3 twin beds in their room so instead of toddler beds we just moved the 3 twins into the triplets room.  The cribs convert into full size beds so we purchased the mattresses and gave Eamon and Liam each a full size bed)

Tuesday night after dinner we decided it was time to do the transition.  Once you commit to something like this you have to complete it before bedtime or all chaos will break out.  David worked on taking apart 3 cribs while I emptied out Eamon and Liam's room.  We had all kinds of beds and bedding lining the upstairs hallway.  We worked and worked and it didn't take long for the triplets to creep upstairs and offer their assistance.  The clock was ticking and we had an utter mess upstairs.  Declan decided it was his evening to get sick so not only are we working to put everything together but I hear Mairin yell out, "Declan is puking".  I ask Mairin if she will sit with Declan and take care of him as David is in the middle of a take down requiring more than one hand.  Finn kept bringing up his own tools and wanted to help and Colin just bounced around singing a tune and grabbing toys as he found them.  By 9pm we finished the conversion and it was time for everyone to go to bed.  The triplets couldn't wait to jump into their beds while Eamon and Liam were also eager to try out their new digs.  I had really pumped up the trips prior to this by telling them every night " You guys are big boys now and you are going to get big boy beds.....but you can't get out of your beds because big boys stay in their beds.  If you get out of your beds we are going to have to get the cribs back out and put you back to a baby bed."  Hah....It must have worked.  It has been just short of a week and they get into bed and the nighttime routine hasn't changed.  I walk into their rooms in the morning and they are all awake and sitting either on top or under their covers.  I guess I am just too busy thinking the worst about how a transition will go. 

Naps are also going well. They each grab a big boy bed in each of 3 rooms and stay until I come and get them.  I am keeping my fingers crossed because this will not last forever............

Oh and by the way..Yes their are pink sheets on one of the beds and that is because Mairin would sometimes sleep in the twins room but we did change that sheet so now everyone has "boy" color sheets..LOL

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