Monday, April 23, 2012

"No" and Family Clean Up

"No" seems to be the favorite word of the week at the Mott house.  The "no" fairy fluttered by one night last week and dropped her "naughty" dust on my triplets.  Finn doesn't just say the word, he feels the word and puts his whole body into the word.  It is long and drawn out and it's followed by a smashed up face.  Declan says it much more often and his is followed by the crossing of the arms.  He tilts his head down and frowns to the extent that I think his little face muscles are in pain.  Colin has a simple "no" but will start stripping off his clothes immediately.  He knows what makes me crazy so he whips off his shirt and then continues until he is naked.  You can gage how mad he is by the amount of clothes he removes.  I'm not playing his game so I do my best to ignore him and then when he requests that I put his clothes back on I respond with, "nope, you took them off so now you put them back on". 

Sunday morning my house was a disaster and being that it had been a busy week and weekend I called upon my young, strong and energetic children to make the house cleanup go faster.  They hate it and know what is coming when I walk into the family room and grab the remote.  I click off the TV and try to create a sense of fun. "Ok guys I need your help,  I need a family clean up, will you help me"?  "Eamon you vacuum the basement, Liam will you pick up the toys in the basement and Mairin will you sweep the craft room and organize it for me"?  I clap my hands and say, "hurry up lets go".  I usually don't get more than a sour look from the older three and then I have to remind them that I didn't mess up the basemen and that I do many things for them and that they should want to help their mom....I can serve a mean guilt trip if I need to.  The triplets contribute as well because they love to help me.  I gather them around and I hand each one of them something that needs to go upstairs.  "Finn will you take this to mommy's room"? "Colin will you take this up to Eamon and Liam's room"? "Declan can you please put this in Mairin's room?"  They all hurry away on a mission to please me.  I begin in the kitchen and as I find items that need dispersing I make a pile.  The trips come back with smiles on their faces and I send each one of them up again with a new item to put away.  The older three are working hard and as they are finishing I keep adding to the job.  "Liam can you empty the garbage in the bathroom and craft room?"  "Eamon can you vacuum the stairs and the family room too"? and "Mairin can you tidy up the entryway and put away shoes and coats"?  40 minutes later we are all done and they get time on the ipad before we have to head off to church.  Love Love Love that they can help me and  make my chores go a little faster.

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crazywithtwins said...

WOW you deserve a medal! Must have been quite a shock when you first discovered you were having trips after twins and a singleton? I'm currently expecting twins (in a week) and have a singleton already. I think I will have my hands full enough with these three - You must have the patience of a saint! Good on you, you are inspirational! Your babies are all very beautiful too! x