Friday, April 20, 2012


The triplets gave me a payback a couple of mornings ago for writing such a nice review of our transition from cribs to beds. I got up around 7am and could hear that the monsters were stirring. Ughhh. I hate it when they get up and start banging around. Mairin came in and said, "mom the light is on in the triplets room, want me to go tell them to go back to bed?". (what the heck...I have nothing to lose). I listen and hear her say "babies, get back in your beds right now, mom is gonna spank you if you don't get back in your beds". She shuts off the light and securely shuts the door. Humm.. Ok well maybe that worked. We head downstairs and as I am making lunches I hear things getting louder. The older 3 head out for the bus and I see that Good Morning America is going to feature an author that I really want to see (50 shades of grey...nice. A completely different topic but a good one that I need to talk about). The segment is finishing up when I hear David coming down the stairs with the herd of cattle. Colin appears first...naked...Declan is whining and Finn is smiling. David says, " their room is trashed and who knows what happened to Colin's clothes". It then becomes a whining fest by all 3 of them so I attempt to place one in timeout, turn on a cartoon for one and the other wants cereal. ( this is never a good way to start a morning). Colin is still naked and tugging at all of his nakedness so I get him dressed, Declan doesn't like the cartoon that I have chosen so he is scowling. Finn has grabbed all of his tools and has decided to fix my door. ( his tools are battery operated so there is the loud drilling sound taking center stage among everything else). I go upstairs to assess the bedroom damage and see that Colin has ripped off his sheets, mattress pad and all that is exposed is a bare mattress sitting halfway on and half off his bed frame. I start to pick things up and notice that there is a wet pillow, soaked comforter and wet sheets. His clothes, piled in the corner are dry. I finish and head downstairs with all of the wet items and I get after him. He clearly took off his clothes and pull up and proceeded to have his own sword fight with his bedding. Angry momma came out and hopefully he will not do that again. I didn't feel like I could leave until I pulled Colin close, hugged on him and played the I love you more game...that we both love. Marcia, my dearest lovely sitter arrived and I couldn't get out of my house fast enough. I looked at Marcia and asked, " do you think they will remember their childhood as mom always yelling". Marcia assured me that frustration is very normal and many moms lose their minds from time to time.  By the time I got out to my car and pulled out my blood pressure had been restored to normal.

I often think about what I remember about my childhood.  The happy times always surface first and the times of mom getting angry with me often require some searching through my memory bank.  I sure hope that my children will have the same surface memories of happiness.   David always says that they will remember some of my key phrases but that they will all get together and laugh at how they all drove me crazy.  Lets all hope!

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